About Big Brother Watch

Today, you are watched by a network of intelligent surveillance systems.

You are tracked by your personal devices, monitored by social platforms, and targeted by invasive corporations.

You may not know their names. But they know yours.

Every decision is collected and archived, somewhere, by someone.

We do not consent. We do not submit.

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Big Brother Watch is a UK civil liberties campaign group fighting for a free future. We’re determined to reclaim our privacy and defend freedoms at this time of enormous technological change. And we fight to win.

We’re a fiercely independent, diverse, non-partisan and non-profit group of campaigners and researchers, who work to roll back the surveillance state and protect rights in parliament, the media, and the courts if we have to. We publish unique investigations and pursue powerful public campaigns to pursue real change. We work relentlessly to inform and empower the public to collectively reclaim privacy, defend our civil liberties, and protect freedoms for the future.

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