Sandwell Council are at it AGAIN – Mother fined when tissue blows out of her pocket

Unbelievably, less than two weeks since Sandwell Council were left embarrassed by the torrent of negative headlines resulting from their decision to fine a young mother for feeding the ducks; (arguably) the most officious local authority in the country has done it again – this time fining another mother £75 for allowing a tissue to blow from her pocket.

We at Big Brother Watch hate littering as much as most people; but in this instance the woman involved was running for a bus and the tissue escaped from her pocket. And secondly, it blew straight across the road which made it practically impossible for her to chase after it.

SandwellCouncil Once again we are left wondering 'where is the common sense?'

And once again, Sandwell Council are defending the action.

Big Brother Watch will be contacting Ms Hickin shortly to offer our support and hopefully force Sandwell into another humiliating defeat.

By Dylan Sharpe