The Big Brother Watch Guerrilla Sticker Action

It's time to name, shame and take a snapshot of the worst excesses of our Big Brother State:

– Seen a poster that coerces you to stay silent? BBW Sticker

– Followed by surveillance cameras on your way to the shops?

– Is there a building or institution near you which stands as an icon of our overbearing state?
We have thousands of stickers like the one on the right and we want to give them away so that you can name and shame the everyday invaders of your privacy.

Send us your name and address to together with the number of stickers you would like us to send and we will post them in an envelope to that address, completely free of charge. Then email us your pictures and the best images will be hosted on the blog!

Below are a selection of photos taken to start the game off. The rogue's gallery is now available to view here.


Met Police