‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello – prepare to be Tasered

The Standard tells us thatTaser British Transport Police officers armed with electric stun guns have been deployed on the rail network for the first time. BTP has announced that three-month "pilot schemes" have been launched by officers patrolling the rail network in London, Cardiff and Manchester.

This is bad news. Tasers are dangerous weapons. People are hurt by them and some in some cases those that have been hit have died.

For many years, the police have kept order in this country by dint of their authority, not superior firepower.

We must avoid an arms race between the police and criminals in this country. 

With more and more police in Britain carrying guns at airports and elsewhere, this may just be the next step in arming our police by stealth.

Helpfully, courtesy of YouTube, in America officers are only too keen to demonstrate why they shouldn't be entrusted with such things.

By Alex Deane

*UPDATE* This discussion continued over at ConservativeHome: