The DNA Database debate

Abbott In preparation for tomorrow afternoon's Westminster Hall debate on the DNA database, which Big Brother Watch shall be watching with interest, I recommend Diane Abbott's article over at ePolitix.comDNA database 'disproportionate and unprincipled'.

She makes a number of good points, and I thought this one particularly striking:

… as the inventor of DNA fingerprinting technology, Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys has said, putting hundreds of thousands of random samples on the database would have the same crime-fighting benefits as keeping the DNA of innocent people on the database.

Once proven innocent of the crime you were arrested for you go back to being part of the non-criminal population. It is unfair, disproportionate and unprincipled to have it any other way.

I applaud Diane Abbott for getting the debate to take place and urge you to go read the whole thing.

By Alex Deane

**UPDATE** 11 December 2009 You can watch, listen to or read the debate here