CCTV in toilets – again

In 2008, Toileta school in Plymouth was forced to remove CCTV from toilets after very significant protests from pupils and parents. In November last year, CCTV footage of children changing into sports kits in school changing rooms was seized by the police in Salford. Plainly, it was wrong to record such footage and you would think that such drastic action in these and other similar cases would be heeded by others. But, ironically given their educational mission, it seems that some schools just won't learn.

It emerged this weekend that, without consulting parents, a school in Chelmsley Wood has put CCTV in pupils' toilets. The cameras have been fitted in both boys’ and girls’ toilets – in addition to the 26-plus surveillance cameras already in place at the school.

If you try hard, I reckon you might be able to guess how people have reacted.

By Alex Deane

And it's not just kids' changing rooms, either – in Tooting, there's CCTV in adult
changing rooms
, too…