Lifting the Lid: The rising number of microchips in our rubbish bins, and why it matters

Research conducted reveals that there are now 68 local authorities secreting microchips in the bins of residents, up from 42 a year earlier.

Lifting the Lid analyses the privacy implications and cost to householders of installing a network of bin microchips and provides a definitive list of those local authorities that have installed the intrusive technology. Our survey reveals that there are now 68 local councils in Britain with microchips in the bins of at least 2.6 million households. Only one local authority has yet come forward to pilot one the Government’s “pay-as-you-throw” schemes in the year that they have been on offer, which strongly suggests that councils are preparing the technology at significant cost, ready for when the government announces a nationwide roll-out of charging for what the British public throw away.

The full report ‘Lifting the Lid’ – with a full list of the 68 councils that have installed microchips in bins – is available to view by clicking here.