Media Coverage – 26th March

Sun Says 26.03.10 BBC News – Non-medical
staff 'have access to health records'

At least 100,000 non-medical staff in NHS trusts have access to
confidential patient records, claim campaigners.

Big Brother Watch, who based the figure on 151 responses from trusts,
said it demonstrated "slack security". 

Sky News – Abuse
Fears Over Access To Patients' Records

Figures acquired by Big Brother Watch reveal hospital
receptionists, housekeepers and even porters are able to access the
confidential records without permission.

On average, 723 non-medical staff in each NHS trust surveyed have direct
access to private health records.

Daily Mail – NHS
porters and cleaners can snoop on your medical records

Among those who replied, the University Hospital of North
Staffordshire NHS Trust said those with access included 107 porters and
105 receptionists. At Cwm Taf NHS Trust the total included
receptionists, housekeepers and domestic staff.

Alex Deane, director of Big Brother Watch, said the Government needed to
address the problem as a matter of urgency. He said: 'The number of
non-medical personnel with access to confidential medical records leaves
the system wide open to abuse.'

Daily Telegraph – 100,000 non-clinical NHS staff have access to confidential records

The Scotsman – Patient
records 'open to prying eyes'