David Blunkett threatens to sue over the ID card cancellation

_40634561_blunkett8 Former Home Secretary, forefather of the identity card scheme (then called 'entitlement cards') and general bad egg, David 'Big' Blunkett has rained on my parade.

Having made no secret of enjoying the announcement that the government is refusing to refund the 15,000 dupes that spent £30 on an ID card; in a radio interview this morning, Blunkett has sullied the tone by threatening to sue for recompense:

As reported by the Independent:

Mr Blunkett, who first announced plans for ID cards in 2003, dismissed suggestions that they formed part of a "surveillance state".

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I have got a card and it's very useful and I don't believe anyone has surveilled anything about me.

"Unfortunately, nobody is getting their money back. I'm thinking of suing them, but it might cost me more than £30."

David Blunkett and his former Government are already costing the taxpayer millions getting out of the long, expensive contracts for an intrusive scheme that nobody wanted.

Now he’s threatening to drain more funds in a legal challenge with no reasonable foundation.

It's all sadly reminiscent of the previous government.

By Dylan Sharpe