The privacy piggies keep on squealing

Regular readers will remember that when it was announced that ID cards were for the chop, I couldn't resist delighting in the news that those who had paid for an ID card weren't going to be recompensed. If you play with matches etc…

Idcard Soon after, David 'Big' Blunkett moaned that it was all terribly unfair and threatened to sue the new Government. His empty threat was pushed one-step further by deluded Mancunian hack Angela Epstein, who proudly announced she was filing her form to the small claims court.

Now this trickle of ID card apologists trying to defend their pathetic little scheme has turned into a torrent – and it's time it stopped.

Julie Hilling, the Labour MP for Atherton, has been bleating that her constituents feel terribly hard done by.

Roberta Blackman-Woods, Labour MP for Durham, has used a different method and complained about the damage that will be done to all of 60-odd jobs in her area.

Even the notorious bad-boy of the Commons, Dennis MacShane, has thrown his hat into the ring with an op ed entitled 'I love my ID card.' 

I am genuinely perplexed. As was revealed last week, in the end just 13,200 people actually paid for an ID card in the five months they were on offer – a pathetic number of people for this sort of reaction. In addition, both the Lib Dems and Conservatives (who between them polled 17.5 million votes compared to Labour's 8.6) ran on a policy of scrapping the ID card.

The war is over – the ID card sympathisers lost. It's time they realised it.

By Dylan Sharpe