Paul Chambers appeal

For those who don't recognise the name Paul Chambers, he is the man who, back in January, jokingly wrote on Twitter (or 'tweeted') that he was going to blow Nottingham's Robin Hood Aiport 'sky high', having heard that the snow might delay his trip to Ireland.

Twitter_1457340c Not only was Paul arrested by the police and kept in a cell overnight, he was suspended from his work and was later charged with terror offences

Today at 10.30am Paul is at Doncaster Crown Court to appeal his conviction. Although Big Brother Watch can't be there, we heartily recommend following the Press Association reporter Rob Booth, who will be tweeting live from the appeal.

I can also recommend this post on the New Statesman blog from David Allen Green, whose legal firm are providing pro bono assistance to Paul during his appeal.

David rather sweetly equates Paul's tweet with the words of one of England's finest poets, John Betjeman.

"Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough!"

Which, if nothing else, is the perfect way of demonstrating the complete and utter stupidity of Paul's treatment and conviction.

We hope Doncaster Crown Court see sense today.

By Dylan Sharpe