Big Brother Watch Report – The Cost of CCTV: £314 million

Cctv1 Big Brother Watch has today released a new report exposing the shocking cost of CCTV to local councils.

Of the 336 local councils who responded to a Freedom of Information request from Big Brother Watch, a total of £314,835,170.39 was spent on installing and operating CCTV cameras during the 2007 to 2010 period.

A full breakdown by spending by local government authority can be found by clicking here.

Commenting on the staggering £314 million cost of CCTV, Big Brother Watch Director Alex Deane said:

“This is a shocking figure.  Public money is being wasted on snooping surveillance that does next to nothing to prevent or solve crime.  We are being watched more than ever before, and we’re being ripped off into the bargain.  British taxpayers will be scandalised to see their money being thrown away like this in the current economic climate.”

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The authorities that spent the most on CCTV during the 2007 to 2010 period are:

  1. Birmingham (£10,476,874.00)
  2. Sandwell (£5,355,744.00)
  3. Leeds (£3,839,675.00)
  4. City of Edinburgh (£3,600,560.00)
  5. Hounslow (£3,573,186.45)
  6. Lambeth (£3,431,301.00)
  7. Manchester (£3,347,310.00)
  8. Enfield (£3,141,295.00)
  9. Barnet (£3,119,020.00)
  10. Barking and Dagenham (£3,090,000.00)

Nationally, the total cost of council provision of CCTV can be compared to the following positions in other public services:


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Furthermore, the UK spends more per head on CCTV coverage than 38 countries do on defence and total spending amounts to more than the entire annual budgets of eight independent nations.