Into the Lion’s Den…

Security media publishing Our Director, Alex Deane, took part in a debate in Newcastle at an international security conference in November, with

•DCC Graeme Gerrard, deputy chief constable of Cheshire and the ACPO lead on CCTV
•Colin Murphy, deputy chair of the PCMA and CCTV coordinator of the Safer Birmingham Partnership
•Gordon McLanaghan, manager of the Emergency Control Centre at Bristol City Council
•Simon Adcock,  a member of the British Security Industry Association's (BSIA) CCTV Technical Committee (TC/10), and advises on CCTV related issues
•Dr Pete Fussey, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Essex

Do check out the footage. A fair crack of the whip is extended to BBW but you'll see tha that the slant of the audience and panel is obvious. You will see some very interesting inside chat from the security industry, for example about how little compliance there is with the law within the industry – and, in one highlight, Alex is confronted by a pleasingly angry representative from Bromley Council, who was named and shamed in our RIPA report – you will enjoy Alex's response.

With thanks to the guys at Security Media for recording the event so well