Happy No Smoking Day!

Nsd Against the backdrop of revolution in Libya and the imposition of a United Nations "no fly" zone in the region, it may have escaped your attention that it is National No Smoking Day.

Unsurprisingly, the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has found his own special way of marking this occasion…

Not content with increasing taxes on tobacco to sky-high levels, it appears the Health Secretary now wants to go one step further and impose plain packaging on tobacco products.  Under the proposed regulations, packets would no longer be able to display the logos of their manufacturers and would not be able to include any other graphics or colours of their choice.  The packaging would be standardised in terms of size, rendering one pack of cigarettes indistinguishable from another.

This would be just the latest move by the government to demonise smokers, a group of people who voluntarily choose to consume a perfectly legal product. 

The government likes to talk about "freedom" – how about respecting the rights of smokers?  Under Andrew Lansley, it appears the nanny state is alive and well.