Draconian Royal Wedding security measures “impossible” in the US

Willkte173 Over at the Fox News blog, there's a very interesting article which suggests that many of the security measures being taken by the Police in advance of the Royal Wedding on Friday would be impossible to implement in the United States.

While the Police are likely to roll out many of their usual law enforcement tactics – random stop an searches, carefully monitored CCTV footage and beefed-up patrols – they have requested that a whole raft of hugely draconian restrictions are imposed in the Westminster area on the day of the wedding.  Among these measures is a temporary ban on an unnamed iPhone application in the vicinity of Buckingham Place and Westminster Abbey.  The Police will apparently be "monitoring use of the application on the wedding day and arrest anyone caught uploading unauthorized images". 

In the United States, such measures would simply not be possible as a result of regulations which ban Police from deploying overly-invasive tactics in the name of "pre-emptive Policing".  While US law enforcement officers are, for example, able to set up controlled areas into which people will be only granted access if they agree to be searched, their powers of random stop-and-search are hugely curtailed.

While articles on Fox News are often greeted with howls of derision, it's well worth a read.  You can view the whole piece here .

Hat-tip: AW