WPP and an Internet Bill Of Rights – call on your MP to sign Robert Halfon MP’s EDM

Big Brother Watch supporter Robert Halfon MP has tabled an Early Day Motion – a parliamentary procedure by which MPs can draw attention to a particular issue – regarding the WPP Group and their boasts of having built up a database containing information on “almost 100%” of the public.  For more information, click here.

The Early Day Motion reads as follows:

“That this House is deeply concerned that privacy is gradually being eroded by private companies using the internet to obtain personal data and selling it for commercial gain; notes that the latest problem is with WPP Group plc, the advertising firm, which claims to have built up individual profiles for half a billion internet users across the world, including allegedly almost 100 per cent. of British people; further notes that secret monitoring of internet users is already a huge issue, with data scraping and cookies monitoring people without their consent; believes an internet bill of rights is needed to guard against the growing infringement of civil liberties that are not covered by existing legislation; and further believes that the Information Commissioner lacks the powers necessary to protect personal data and has done precious little to protect our privacy in recent tests such as the Google Street View project.”

While Early Day Motions carry no legislative weight, we would urge you to contact your Member of Parliament asking them to sign this motion in order to heighten awareness of this issue.

You can contact your MP directly by visiting www.writetothem.com.