Keeping the pressure on Oxford Council

This week, Big Brother Watch has campaigned against Oxford Council’s plans for compulsory recording of video and sound in taxis. From our first blog post, the story has been featured in local, national and international media and Big Brother Watch has led the campaign against this gross invasion of privacy.

The fight goes on to stop this happening and to hold Oxford Council to account for its disregard for civil liberties. We have already complained to the Information Commissioner and are calling for the Government, MPs, businesses, campaigners and residents of Oxford to call for the policy to be scrapped. If  you live or work in the city, or have friends and family there, why not let them know what is going on and ask them to support our campaign?

Writing in the Oxford Mail, I outline Big Brother Watch’s objections to the scheme – saying:

“This is a staggering invasion of privacy, being done with no evidence, no consultation and a total disregard for civil liberties. Big Brother now has big ears, and they are eavesdropping on your conversations with absolutely no justification.

“This sort of policy would not have been out of place in East Germany. It is absolutely not a policy that should be operating in Oxford.”

Policies like this are the first salvos in a battle for Big Brother to see and hear everything we do. We will continue to campaign to protect our privacy and defend civil liberties –  can you support us?

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