or stay out say Newham Council

It’s already been dubbed the ‘sex snoop list’ and residents are up in arms.

Newham Council’s decision to force residents to sign-in every visitor to their property in 30 tower blocks is a clear invasion of privacy and an entirely misguided response to a problem.

The policy was announced with less than 24 hours notice and staff are being asked to refuse entry to visitors who don’t sign in. Ridiculously, the council say it’s for fire safety and to combat anti-social behavior.

Despite finding the time and resources to implement the guest register, the council failed to fix the locks on doors for several years. Big Brother Watch knows which one would stop criminals and it isnt a list of who visited who.

Yet again a council has jumped for an intrusive solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Throwing civil liberties aside does not help create stronger communities, yet Newham Council seem intent on alientating residents with a total disregard for their privacy.

This is the kind of policy you’d expect in East Germany, not East London. Big Brother Watch is joining residents opposed to the scheme in calling for it to be abandoned immediately.