How to make a Subject Access Request

Sometimes it can be quite confusing to figure out what information organisations hold about you. We receive lots of enquiries about how people go about doing this so to launch a new section of the website – Take Action – here’s an introduction to do just that.

Under the Data Protection Act you are entitled to make a ‘Subject Access Request’ to the ‘Data Controller’, which allows you to receive all the information that is held about you by the organisation. We have recently had a series of queries about how to go about making this kind of request, and so we have put together a template letter than can be amended to suit your personal request.  We have also included some helpful tips to guide you through the process.

You can download the letter here.

Sometimes you’ll have to pay a fee for the data, and you’ll also have to go through a process to confirm you are indeed the person making the claim.

Legally you’re entitled to a response within 40 days as long as the necessary fee has been paid.  If they do not hold data about you, the organisation is legally required to tell you.

You can also see more information on the Information Commissioner’s website here.