ICO reopens Google Spy-Fi investigation

The Information Commissioner’s Office has now announced it is to re-open its investigation into Google’s wi-fi data harvesting, in a letter to the company yesterday

It’s absolutely right to re-open the investigation and the ICO must now take every step to get to the bottom of just how many British people’s privacy was trampled on by Google. It is also essential that Google explain why the explanation it gave in 2010 and the data prepared for the ICO deliberately concealed what had really happened.

The investigation must now be pursued with the vigor sadly lacking in 2010, and every effort made to ensure that Google answers the extremely important questions that it has so far avoided.  Breaching the Data Protection Act is a criminal offence and the law should be applied to Google in the same way as any other company or individual.

We look forward to a thorough investigation and an outcome that sets a firm precedent going forward that companies – however big – should respect the privacy of UK citizens and that ‘deliberate accidents’ will not be tolerated.