Big Brother Watch response to President Obama speech on surveillance reform

Responding to President Obama’s speech on surveillance reform:

Nick Pickles, director of Big Brother Watch, said:

“President Obama is right on one thing – this debate makes us stronger. It is time for it to start in the UK.

“President Obama recognised public debate had been insufficient and that law has failed to keep pace with technological change. Both of these issues are more pronounced in Britain, but go unaddressed by the agencies.

“What is clear that Britain already lagged behind the United States in terms of surveillance oversight and accountability, with no involvement of courts or meaningful transparency. That gap is set to widen further still and that should be a call to action for Parliament.

“President Obama emphasised the need for judicial oversight by courts, greater transparency by the Government and companies and for the legal basis of surveillance programmes to be public. All of these issues should be pursued in Britain to protect our privacy and our economy.”