The Telegraph – San Francisco bans police facial recognition

Big Brother Watch Team / May 13, 2019

San Francisco has become the first city in the US to ban police from using facial recognition completely.

Our legal and policy officer, Griff Ferris, told The Telegraph that police’s use of live facial recognition was “fundamentally incompatible with human rights”.

Director Silkie Carlo, told The Sun:

“If police push ahead with facial recognition surveillance, members of the public could be tracked across Britain’s colossal CCTV networks. For a nation that opposed ID cards and rejected the national DNA database, the notion of live facial recognition turning citizens into walking ID cards is chilling.

“This China-style mass surveillance tool is the very antithesis of British democratic freedom and police using it on our streets sets a dangerous example to countries around the world. It would be disastrous for policing and the future of civil liberties and we urge police to drop it for good.”


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