The Times – Big Brother Watch tells police to drop facial recognition

Big Brother Watch Team / May 2, 2019

Big Brother Watch has attacked controversial facial recognition surveillance and revealed that 96% of matches by the Metropolitan Police in fact wrongly identified innocent members of the public as wanted criminals.

Big Brother Watch warned that a roll out of live facial recognition would be “disastrous for policing and the future of civil liberties”.

Director of Big Brother Watch Silkie Carlo said:

“This is a turning point for civil liberties in the UK. If police push ahead with facial recognition surveillance, members of the public could be tracked across Britain’s colossal CCTV networks.

“For a nation that opposed ID cards and rejected the national DNA database, the notion of live facial recognition turning citizens into walking ID cards is chilling.

“This China-style mass surveillance tool is the very antithesis of British democratic freedom and police using it on our streets sets a dangerous example to countries around the world. It would be disastrous for policing and the future of civil liberties and we urge police to drop it for good”.

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