The Guardian – Request for user tracking on government website prompts questions

Big Brother Watch Team / September 11, 2019

Privacy groups and political parties expressed concern at Downing Street’s orders to collect “targeted and personalised information” from the Government’s information website, GOV.UK, for analysis and to support “key decision making” in relation to preparations for leaving the EU.

Our Director, Silkie Carlo, said:

“This data grab raises important questions as to the legitimacy, urgency and purpose of such personal information collection. The Government must answer these questions urgently.

“The Government’s claim that it won’t collect personal data is at odds with its instruction that Government websites should urgently gather ‘targeted and personalised information’. This secret instruction and contradictory public statement is cause for concern and undermines public trust at an important time. People need to be able to access Government information without worrying about how their data might be tracked, recorded and used.”


The Guardian – No 10 request for user data from government website sparks alarm

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