Commonspace – MSPs pushed to ban facial recognition

Big Brother Watch Team / October 10, 2019

The Scottish Parliament’s justice sub-committee has launched an inquiry to learn more about current facial recognition technology use by Police Scotland, and to gain views of whether use of this technology by the police raises policy concerns.

The inquiry comes as Holyrood’s justice committee considers new legislation to introduce a Biometrics Commissioner for Scotland to provide oversight for how the police handle data.

Griff Ferris, Big Brother Watch’s Legal and Policy Officer, commented:

“We welcome the Scottish justice committee’s investigation into police use of facial recognition surveillance and urge them to consider the serious human rights concerns.

“Cross-party MPs, 25 rights groups, academics and lawyers have all backed our call for an urgent stop to live facial recognition use by police and private companies and we urge the justice committee to follow suit.

“Live facial recognition is a dangerous expansion of the surveillance state and we will fight until it is banned.”

Commonspace – “On our way to a Big Brother society”: MSPs urged to ban facial recognition cameras