Big Brother Watch’s response to the COVID-19 emergency and human rights

Big Brother Watch Team / March 16, 2020

We all face great challenges in the weeks and months ahead. Governments and citizens must take measures to protect public health.

But when society comes under pressure, so do our rights & freedoms. We are aware that emergency powers, including new detention powers, are to be proposed this week. We urge Parliamentarians to take the utmost care in scrutinising these powers and ensuring that any passed are strictly necessary, proportionate and temporary.

We face challenges best when we hold on to our values rather than abandon them.

Groups such as Big Brother Watch must play an important role in the months to come. Laws that protect our rights and civil liberties were born from times of great hardship and exist precisely to protect public freedom and safety in times of trouble.

We will continue to hold the powerful to account and work with other groups across the sector to protect fundamental rights in the months and years ahead.

Please continue to support us and above all, support each other.

PS. please note our office is closed this week and our team is working remotely. Our landlines are inactive for now (hope to redirect soon) – meanwhile, please email where possible.