Podcast #4: Covid-19 and the Rise of Biosurveillance — Silkie Carlo, Dr. Stephanie Hare & Prof. Evan Selinger

Big Brother Watch Team / July 21, 2020

How is surveillance evolving during the COVID-19 crisis? What are the economic incentives behind it? How stackable are these different sorts of surveillance? Is the pandemic putting the panopticon under our skin?

In this fourth episode of the Big Brother Watch Podcast, Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch and host of this show, talks with technology and surveillance experts Evan Selinger, Professor of Philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology and co-author of ‘Re-engineering Humanity’, and Dr. Stephanie Hare, technology, politics and history researcher and broadcaster.

In particular, we talk about how thermal scanners are being used as an additional ingredient in the surveillance machinery and why we ought to be concerned.

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