Daily Mail – £10,000 fines for breaking lockdown restrictions criticised by civil liberites groups

Big Brother Watch Team / February 10, 2021

As lockdown continues, so do the fines for breaking lockdown restrictions. While the majority of fines have been issued to ravers and protestors, events organizers are now at risk of £10,000 fines. However, enforcing these type of penalties come with numerous issues. 196 of these fines have been issued, and only five of these have been paid off. Civil liberties activists have criticized these fines as methods to criminalize citizens during a period of financial instability.

Our Legal Policy Officer Madeleine Stone said these unpaid fines are “‘a prosecution crisis waiting to happen”. She called these type of fines “a draconian and ineffective response to the pandemic”.

The Daily Mail – Police fine three Albanian men who drove 150 miles from London to the Peak District because ‘lockdown is boring’ as new figures reveal only FIVE of the 196 £10,000 Covid penalties handed out in England last year have been paid