The Guardian – Vaccine certifications currently being considered by UK Parliament

Big Brother Watch Team / February 24, 2021

Several countries are beginning to adopt vaccine passports as a way to manage the newly vaccinated public. Israel is leading the way with their “green passes”, a way to decipher vaccinated from non-vaccinated citizens. However, WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned countries in the new post-Covid living pursuit, saying that “we cannot afford to prioritise or punish certain groups or countries.”

Boris Johnson announced Monday that vaccine certificates are currently under consideration as the next step towards post-lockdown living. If approved, smartphone apps, most likely pre-existing NHS apps, will contain these certificates. Big Brother Watch and other civil liberties activists have criticised this move, seeing it as a privacy threat. Several worker’s unions are also concerned about companies using vaccine passports as a way to discriminate against unvaccinated workers.

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