Big Brother Watch Team / February 19, 2021

A debate is raging about whether the British public should be forced to have vaccine passports to reclaim our liberties. The relentless ID card champion Tony Blair has, predictably, been on the warpath claiming vaccine passports are “inevitable” and the “only way” we can once again be free. I suppose this works in a world where “we” means only the people who have a vaccine and excludes everyone who is medically advised against it, and “free” means not free to choose what you put into your body. Thankfully, that’s not the topsy turvy world in which we live – yet.

I had to pinch myself this week when the Foreign Secretary, sitting with the Union Jack hanging behind him, said a domestic vaccine passport for access to supermarkets was “under consideration”. The idea that we should all carry digital IDs with our health data and a vaccine inventory for inspection at the Sainsbury’s checkout is ludicrous. What kind of pointless bovine future does this Government envisage for our nation?