The Telegraph – You can travel to your second home at Easter but the goverment warns against it

Big Brother Watch Team / March 23, 2021

Families will be allowed to travel to a second home in the UK during Easter but the Government has warned against it.

Boris Johnson’s roadmap reads that from March 29 “people will no longer be legally required to stay home”.

Madeleine Stone, the legal and policy officer at Big Brother Watch, hit out at the disparity:

“There isn’t a specific provision [in the legislation] on overnight stays, meaning they aren’t explicitly banned. Schedule 1, paragraph 1 prevents indoor gatherings – which would cover overnight stays in other, occupied, households – but there are no provisions that would prevent visiting a second home that was in England.”

“There is a deliberate blurring between the law and the guidance which is really unhelpful for those just trying to follow the rules. Too often, the Government has published misleading guidance which goes beyond or skews the letter of law, leading to confusion and, in many cases, unlawful fines and prosecutions.”

The Telegraph – Easter holiday at second home in UK will be legal – but Downing Street still says ‘don’t do it’