The Telegraph – Vaccine passport contractor says they could be ‘redeployed’ as national ID card

Big Brother Watch Team / July 14, 2021

A company involved in developing the Covid Pass pass feature on the NHS app revealed that the system could be ‘redeployed’ into a national identity framework.

Earlier this week Boris Johnson announced that the Government would be encouraging nightclubs and large venues to adopt Covid Passes as a condition of entry as venues prepare to open their doors.

A £250,000 contract was awarded to American IT firm Entrust, who have previously been involved in producing national ID Cards in Albania, Ghana and Malaysia.

Big Brother Watch Director Silkie Carlo said: “This is a giant leap towards ID cards,” Ms Carlo said, adding that if the “Government goes ahead with mandated Covid passes it is likely we will look to bring legal challenges.”

The Telegraph – Vaccine passport firm says system could be ‘redeployed’ as a national ID card