Repeal the Coronavirus Act

A wave of emergency powers and extreme measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic have brought about the greatest loss of liberty in our country's history. Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures - but not an authoritarian surveillance state. Freedoms are too easily lost in the heat of crises - join us to protect them.

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The Coronavirus Act is the biggest expansion of state power in a generation — and could stay in law for years. Emergency powers should carry emergency time limits. That’s why we campaigned for, and won, the right for MPs to vote on the Act every 6 months. A year after it was passed, it’s time to repeal the Coronavirus Act.

Every single charge under the Coronavirus Act — 252 so far — has been found unlawful. This is mostly down to Schedules 21 and 22 of the Act, which contain powers that are a serious threat to human rights and justice.

Schedule 21 gives arbitrary powers to the police, immigration officers and public health officials to detain “potentially infectious” members of the public, including children, potentially indefinitely, in unidentified isolation facilities. This could be anyone – and we’ve already seen innocent, healthy people locked up unlawfully. This must end.

Schedule 22 gives Ministers the power to single-handedly ban any type of gathering, including protests, vigils and political assemblies. At any time, for any government, this would be a seriously dangerous power to have. But at a time when the Government is rapidly expanding its control and adopting some of the most authoritarian powers in a generation, this poses a real and serious risk to British democracy. It must be urgently repealed.

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The Coronavirus Act contains the most draconian powers ever in peace-time Britain, including:

Forced detention and isolation can be of anyone, including children, and for any amount of time

Authorities can forcibly take biological samples

There’s no clear access to legal rights from unidentified isolation facilities

Lockdown powers could prevent protests against measures

State surveillance safeguards weakened




Urgent: tell your MP to repeal the Coronavirus Act before 25th March.

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Increase your impact: Share this campaign with friends & family and ask them to email their MPs.

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