Tuesday 28th May 2019, 6.30pm-late, at JuJu’s Bar & Stage, London

CryptoParty: Unstoppable Keyboards

CryptoParty London is a monthly event, free and open to all, offering digital privacy and empowerment workshops by experts, for beginners. There is no need to register – we don’t want your data!

Come along if you would like to learn how to use encryption tools, browse the web anonymously, protect your data, beat digital trackers, and much more!

Workshops start at 6.30pm sharp.

For the full list of this month’s workshops, check our webpage:


Tuesday 20th November, 7pm – til late, at Free Word

CryptoParty LDN: PRIVACY 2028

A digital security workshop like no other…

…With a side helping of themed cocktails, music and art.

Feeling powerless about who can access your personal information? Want to do something about it? Then join us for a CryptoParty workshop, and take back control of your digital life.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or technical expert – if you’re interested in learning more about how to protect yourself online, encrypted messaging and tips for a safer web experience, this is the night for you. Privacy 2028 is all about providing radical solutions to fight back.

All you will need is your laptop or smartphone. Leave the rest to us.

Book here to secure your place.


Friday 19th October, 6.30pm – til late for The Logan Symposium at Goldsmiths, University of London


CryptoParty LDN” (FREE)

The internet has democratised information flows and enabled citizen journalism, hacktivism, whistleblowing, anonymous posting, and crowdsourced investigations. Is journalism enriched or degraded in the context of digital culture?

We’ve got digital privacy workshops, and an amazing panel discussing how digital culture and journalism are influencing each other.

We’re delighted to host:

All are welcome. See you there with your laptop or smartphone.

For more details see the CryptoParty LDN wiki


Tuesday 25th September, 6.30pm – til late Juju’s Bar & Stage

ONE YEAR OF “CryptoParty LDN” (FREE)

Come this month to celebrate one year of CryptoPartyLDN – and stay for the crytpo-themed cocktails!

We’ve got digital privacy workshops, NO2ID’s Phil Booth discussing successful campaigns against the database state, the Anonymity SwapShop – plus music and crypto-cocktails!

A massive thank you to those who have continually supported us over the past year. First-timers, welcome!

See you there with your laptop or smartphone.

For more details see the CryptoParty LDN wiki


Monday 16th July, 6.30pm – til late Juju’s Bar & Stage

CryptoParty LDN” (FREE)

Our free monthly CryptoParty, offering digital empowerment and privacy training, open to all.


Join this month’s free digital privacy workshops to learn how to secure your browsing, avoid censorship and take a crash course intro to infosec! Plus the regular Anonymity SwapShop – bring along spare social media accounts, SIM Cards, Oyster Cards, burner phones etc. to swap or barter with other people, so as to muddy your data trails.

Plus lightening talks and Q&A  titled regarding the status of surveillance and biometrics online, in public and even in schools.

Come along, bring your laptop or smartphone and get started!

For more details see the CryptoParty LDN wiki


Tuesday 19th June, 6.30pm – til late Juju’s Bar & Stage

CryptoParty LDN” (FREE)

Join this month’s free digital privacy workshops – plus a talk and Q&A titled “Encryption not allowed” with Mustafa Al-Bassam and Jake Davis who will explain how their lives changed after a “Serious Crime Prevention Order” banned them from using encryption.

We will also have a short film screening of “Mind Reading Algorithms are stealing our democracy” and free workshops on how to set up meetings with confidential sources, how to make freedom of information requests and everything you ever wanted to know about passwords.

So come along, bring your laptop or smartphone and get started! All are welcome.

For more details see the CryptoParty LDN wiki


Tuesday 1st May, 6.30pm – til late Juju’s Bar & Stage

CryptoParty LDN” (FREE)

FEATURING: BLACKLISTED – corporate spies and undercover cops

Join this talk and Q&A with the authors of ‘Blacklisted’: journalist and academic Phil Chamberlain and blacklisted construction union activist Dave Smith on what happens when the state and the private sector decide you’re a political threat and what you can do about it. Starts at 8pm.

Followed by music from RJHODE

Free workshops from 7pm on digital privacy for activists, and how to get your data from government and companies by making subject access requests.

For more details see the CryptoParty LDN wiki


Thursday 29th March, 6.30pm – til late Juju’s Bar & Stage

CryptoParty London” (FREE)

All are welcome to our free monthly CryptoParties offering digital empowerment and privacy training to beginners.

7.00pm – 8.00pm: Privacy workshops including Facebook settings and deletion, end-to-end encryption with Signal, internet monies, and threat modelling.

8pm: PANEL DICUSSION: Is it time to delete Facebook?

Last week, a whistleblower from data mining company Cambridge Analytica revealed that the firm had harvested the profiles of 50 million Facebook users in attempt to ‘microtarget’ voters for Trump’s presidential campaign. Is this a ‘data breach’, or just business as usual for social networks? Are democracies at risk from data-driven manipulation?

We’re delighted to host:


Tuesday 20th March, 6.45 – 8.30pm: Somerset House, River Rooms

DEFRAG: Encryption” (Pay What You Can)


Thursday 8th March, 5.15pm: Bristol University

“Big Brother Watch: Championing Civil Rights in the Digital Age

Our Lead Researcher, Jennifer Krueckeberg, will give a talk about Big Brother Watch and our future campaigns at Bristol University’s International Affairs Society.


Friday 2nd March: Birkbeck, University of London

War, Journalism and Whistleblowers: 15 years after Katharine Gun’s truth telling” (FREE)

15 years ago, Katharine Gun leaked a GCHQ memo revealing US spying operations on UN security council members. This simple act of bravery helped to galvanise the mass movement of opposition to the Iraq War. It also served as a telling reminder of the essential role played by the press in speaking truth to power and upholding the fabric of democratic life. A generation on, the legacy of that leak is writ large in a resurgent politics of resistance to the warfare and surveillance state on both sides of the Atlantic. This unique event brings together a panel, including Katharine herself, to discuss the lessons of that leak, and ask: What can and should we be doing – journalists, scholars, activists, citizens, policymakers – to do justice to the immeasurable public service performed by whistleblowers?

Speakers include:

Katharine Gun (former GCHQ translator responsible for the 2003 leak); Thomas Drake (former senior executive of the US National Security Agency); Duncan Campbell (award winning journalist, author and TV producer); Matthew Hoh (former US Marine and State Department official serving in Afghanistan and Iraq); Jesselyn Radack (national security and human rights attorney representing Ed Snowden among other whistleblowers); Silkie Carlo (Director of Big Brother Watch and leading voice in the campaign against the UK’s repressive surveillance and official secrecy laws).



Friday 23rd February, 7.30pm: Victoria and Albert Museum

Friday Late: The Future of Dating“(FREE)

Our Director Silkie Carlo chairs a discussion panel on ‘The Male Gaze Reimagined’, looking at the future of dating with a feminist lens. Online dating and social media offer new forms of intimacy that rely on curated self-surveillance. Is self-presentation online empowering, or can scrutiny of our digital bodies reinscribe gender norms? What are the risks of surrendering our privacy, whether to potential partners or to online dating companies? The panel includes Judith Duprotail, Dr. Róisín Ryan-Flood and Laura Thompson looking at what it means to conduct our love lives online.


Wednesday 21st February, 6-8pm: London School of Economics

The Future of Surveillance Cameras”: Question Time Event

Ask your questions and join the debate, with Tony Porter (Surveillance Camera Commissioner), Lord Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson), Silkie Carlo (Big Brother Watch), Mike Barton (Chief Constable of Durham Constabulary) and Simon Israel (Channel 4 News). Hosted by Jim Naughtie (BBC).


Tuesday 20th February, 6.30pm – til late Juju’s Bar & Stage

CryptoParty London” (FREE)

All are welcome to our free monthly CryptoParties offering digital empowerment and privacy training to beginners. This month we are honoured to host a keynote talk and Q&A from Dr Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation, on ‘Free Software, Freedom and Privacy’!

The talk begins at 8.30pm. Come along from 6.30pm for workshops on how to make an encrypted safe, how to be anonymous online, how the web works, and the hows and whys of cryptocurrencies.


Saturday 3rd February, 9.30-5.30pm: St. John’s College, Cambridge

Brave New World: Reimagined” at The Wilberforce Society Annual Conference 2018

The conference will examine technology, security and liberty in the new world. At 2pm, our Director Silkie Carlo will speak on the panel ‘Liberty in the Insecurity Age’ alongside Nigel Inkster, Former Head of Special Operations at MI6, Professor Andrew Murray (LSE) and Dr Tamara Makarenko
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