Who we are

Big Brother Watch exposes and challenges threats to our privacy, our freedoms and our civil liberties at a time of enormous technological change in the UK.

We work to roll back the surveillance state and protect the rights of everyone in the UK to be free from unfair intrusion.

We campaign to protect freedoms in Parliament and through the courts. We produce unique research and investigations, and seek to educate and empower the public.

Big Brother Watch is a cross–party, non-party, independent non-profit organisation leading the protection of privacy and civil liberties in the UK.

In our pursuit for change, we use advocacy and campaigns; parliamentary lobbying; public interest litigation; research and investigations that inform policy and public debate; and public education and empowerment.


Silkie Carlo – Director

Silkie is our Director. Before joining Big Brother Watch, she was the Senior Advocacy Officer at Liberty where she led a programme on Technology and Human Rights and launched a legal challenge to the Investigatory Powers Act. She previously worked for Edward Snowden’s official defence fund and whistleblowers at risk.

She is a passionate campaigner for the protection of liberties, particularly in the context of new and emerging technologies. She has worked to uphold rights in the fields of state surveillance, policing technologies, big data, artificial intelligence and free expression online. Silkie is also an information security trainer and organises Cryptoparty London. She is the co-author of Information Security for Journalists.


Jennifer Krueckeberg – Lead Researcher

Jennifer is our Lead Researcher. She joined Big Brother Watch in July 2017 and is responsible for our unique Freedom of Information reports.

She studied social anthropology at the University of Cologne and Keio University before undertaking postgraduate studies at Goldsmiths, where she researched the influence of digital media on political expression and national identity in the Ivorian blogosphere.

Jennifer is particularly interested in the impact surveillance technologies have on society and our everyday lives.


Griff Ferris – Legal and Policy Officer

Griff is our Legal and Policy Officer. He joined Big Brother Watch in July 2017.

Prior to joining Big Brother Watch Griff worked as a litigation paralegal, took on employment and social security cases for the Free Representation Unit, and volunteered for Reprieve and Liberty. He has also previously volunteered for the Lambeth Law Centre and at Toynbee Hall’s free legal advice clinic, giving legal advice and assistance to the local communities. He studied law at the University of Bristol and LSE, focusing on human rights, counter-terrorism and media law.

Griff is interested in infringements of human rights, the erosion of civil liberties, and oppression, by the state and the police.