Reaction to the publication of the Investigatory Powers Bill

In response to the publication of the Investigatory Powers Bill, Renate Samson, Chief Executive, Big Brother Watch said:

“The Government are squandering a golden opportunity to create a law fit for the digital age.

“By publishing hundreds of pages of clauses and codes of practice less than a month after the proposals were so roundly criticised by three parliamentary committees, the Home Office have shown a complete disregard for the process of parliamentary scrutiny.

“This Bill should be divided to deal with the sunset clause on our communications data quickly, leaving the more detailed, intrusive powers for proper consideration over a longer period of time.

“Surveillance is no longer a niche issue. In a connected world, where everyone is a digital citizen, these powers will impact us all.  This Bill, and the manner in which it is being rushed, fails to provide time for MPs who will be voting for these powers to consider them and understand them properly.”


Big Brother Watch has joined with MPs, Lords, academics, lawyers and other campaigners to call for the Investigatory Powers Bill not to be rushed through Parliament. The open letter, which was published in the Telegraph, can be read here.

The Investigatory Powers Bill can be read in full here.