Jul 19th 2017

Still no biometric strategy, but launch of a competition to find Robocop instead.

A couple of days ago the Security Minister Ben Wallace announced the launch of a competition open to the “country’s brightest talents” to help the Government “reduce the threat from terrorist attacks using weapons or explosives.” What can this mean?  Are the Government so lost for solutions that they need to create a competition to […]

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Jul 6th 2017

NHS, DeepMind and the ICO: The importance of privacy in a modern NHS

Two reports published this week have focussed the public’s attention on the arrangement between DeepMind and the Royal Free Hospital. The two reports; one by the Information Commissioners Officer (ICO) and one by an Independent Review Panel created by DeepMind themselves, have looked in detail at the arrangement, which has been in place since September […]

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Jun 30th 2017

Five Eyes open letter

Today we signed a letter demanding that Five Eyes respect encryption and protect the security of citizens. A copy is available online here and below:   To Ministers Responsible for the Five Eyes Security Community, In light of public reports about this week’s meeting between officials from your agencies, the undersigned individuals and organizations write […]

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