What we read this month – January

Big Brother Watch Team / January 22, 2016

Over the course of the month we have been sharing thought provoking articles on Twitter using the hashtag #WhatWeAreReadingToday.

In case you missed them, here are a roundup of the articles:

18th January – 29th January:

Crypto Pushed By the UK Government Has a Big Security Loophole – Motherboard

The internet of things will turn our machines against us – WiredUK

What Happens to the Data Collected On Us While We Sleep -Motherboard

You’re Going to Need an Ad Blocker for Your Next TV – Motherboard

Bigger than Safe Harbor: Microsoft prez vows to take down US gov in data protection lawsuit – The Register

Irish prime minister to limit snooping powers of police watchdog – Guardian

11th January – 15th January:

Hacked Toy Company VTech: Let Us Monitor Your House – Motherboard

Cops Say They Can Access Encrypted Emails on So-Called PGP BlackBerrys – Motherboard

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