What we read this week – May

Big Brother Watch Team / May 6, 2016

Over the past week we’ve been sharing our favourite articles on a wide range of topics using the hashtag #WhatWeAreReadingToday.

If you missed any during the week or you’re just looking for something interesting to read, have a look at some of this week’s articles:

23rd May – 27th May:

A Car’s Computer Can ‘Fingerprint’ You in Minutes Based on How You Drive – Wired

In a First, UK Authority Admits to Using IMSI Catchers for Surveillance – Motherboard

Bank customers could be forced to foot bill for fraud on their accounts in future if they have lax online security – This is Money

NHS told to strengthen data security after leaks – The Times (£)

Hacked in a public space? Thanks, HTTPS – The Register

Uber knows customers with dying batteries are more likely to accept surge pricing – The Telegraph

Three starts network-level ad blocking trial – ArsTechnica

How Russia’s New Facial Recognition App Could End Anonymity – CapX

Password reuse bot steals creds from weak sites, logs in to banks – The Register


16th May – 20th May:

Even basic phone logs can reveal deeply personal information, researchers find – Guardian

New Surveillance System May Let Cops Use All of the Cameras – Wired

Sloppy security in IoT putting ‘life and limb’ at risk, guru warns – The Register

How images can be lifted from screens and end up on revenge porn sites – Daily Mail

Europe adopts new cybersecurity rules for key players – The Register

Privacy Shield faces another setback after Eurocrats fail to agree on deal – ArsTechnica

9th May – 13th May:

Your Keyboard App Is Hoarding Your Data – Motherboard

Europeans’ right to surf anonymously online—top lawman weighs in – ArsTechnica UK

London HIV clinic fined £180,000 for ‘serious’ data breach – Wired UK

Police helicopter team in court accused of filming people having sex – Telegraph

Cyber attacks hit two thirds of UK firms in 2015, says government – ArsTechnica UK

Facebook loses first round of court battle over ‘unlawful’ storing of users’ biometric data – Independent

2nd May – 6th May:

Flaws in Samsung’s ‘Smart’ Home Let Hackers Unlock Doors and Set Off Fire Alarms – Wired

Cops deploy StingRay anti-terror tech against $50 chicken-wing thief – The Register

Who is protecting the internet of things from cyberattacks? – Wired UK

7 Password Experts on How to Lock Down Your Online Security – Wired

ICO fines NHS trust £185K for publicly airing personnel files – The Register

US woman forced to provide her fingerprint to unlock seized iPhone – Ars Technica


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