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CCTV cameras implicated in grave human rights abuses in China
are watching and tracking your everyday movements


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Surveillance cameras made by companies linked to crimes against humanity watch millions of people every day in the UK. Hikvision and Dahua facilitate Chinese government’s persecution of the Uyghurs, from forced sterilisation in "re-education camps" to violent torture.

These companies have thousands of cameras in schools, hospitals and on high streets across the UK. They are violating human rights abroad and must be banned in the UK.


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    Orwellian Hikvision and Dahua CCTV cameras have swamped our public spaces.

    Have you spotted one on your street? We’ve created an interactive map so that you can easily plot the location of it.

    Together we can show how widespread this dangerous technology has become.

    You can contribute to the crowdsourced map by clicking here.

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    Almost 70 MPs and Peers (10 Conservative, 25 Labour, 23 Lib Dems, 3 SNP, 2 Green, 4 Crossbench) have signed a pledge calling on the government to ban Chinese state-owned surveillance camera companies:

    "We call for a ban on the sale and operation of Hikvision and Dahua surveillance equipment in the UK and condemn their involvement in technology-enabled human rights abuses in China. We call on the Government to commission an independent national review of the scale, capabilities, ethics and rights impact of modern CCTV in the UK."

    Rights groups René Cassin, Stop Uyghur Genocide, Free Tibet and Hong Kong Watch have also joined the call. It's now incumbent on the government to listen to parliamentarians, human rights campaigners across the globe and the public, and #BanHikvision!

    Name Party
    Steve Baker MP Conservative Party
    David Davis MP Conservative Party
    Damian Green MP Conservative Party
    Andrew Rosindell MP Conservative Party
    Sir Charles Walker MP Conservative Party
    Andrew Bowie MP Conservative Party
    Nusrat Ghani MP Conservative Party
    Baroness Morrissey Conservative Party
    Lord Bethell Conservative Party
    Lord Strathcarron Conservative Party
    Diane Abbott MP Labour
    Baroness Chakrabarti Labour
    Lord Hendy Labour
    Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws Labour
    John McDonnell MP Labour
    Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate Labour
    Lord Hain Labour
    Lord Sikka Labour
    Lord Browne of Ladyton Labour
    Clive Lewis MP Labour
    Ian Byrne MP Labour
    Kim Johnson MP Labour
    Dan Carden MP Labour
    Kate Osborne MP Labour
    Nadia Whittome MP Labour
    Andy McDonald MP Labour
    Mick Whitley MP Labour
    Rachael Maskell MP Labour
    Navendu Mishra MP Labour
    Lord Davies of Brixton Labour
    Lord Rooker Labour
    Baroness Blower Labour
    Baroness Lister of Burtersett Labour
    Chris Bryant MP Labour
    Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP Labour
    Sir Ed Davey MP Liberal Democrats
    Layla Moran MP Liberal Democrats
    Wendy Chamberlain MP Liberal Democrats
    Sarah Olney MP Liberal Democrats
    Christine Jardine MP Liberal Democrats
    Munira Wilson MP Liberal Democrats
    Sarah Green MP Liberal Democrats
    Lord Purvis of Tweed Liberal Democrats
    Lord Clement-Jones Liberal Democrats
    Lord Storey Liberal Democrats
    Lord Tope Liberal Democrats
    Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville Liberal Democrats
    Baroness Thomas of Winchester Liberal Democrats
    Baroness Harris of Richmond Liberal Democrats
    Baroness Ludford Liberal Democrats
    Lord Stoneham of Droxford Liberal Democrats
    Lord Wallace of Saltaire Liberal Democrats
    Lord Stunell Liberal Democrats
    Lord Scriven Liberal Democrats
    Wera Hobhouse MP Liberal Democrats
    Alistair Carmichael MP Liberal Democrats
    Lord Strasburger Liberal Democrats
    Baroness Brinton Liberal Democrats
    Caroline Lucas MP Green Party
    Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb Green Party
    Alyn Smith MP SNP
    Carol Monaghan MP SNP
    Joanna Cherry QC MP SNP
    Lord Bishop of St Albans Crossbench
    Lord Curry of Kirkharle Crossbench
    Baroness Young of Hornsey Crossbench
    Lord Alton Crossbench
    Big Brother Watch
    Rene Cassin
    Stop Uyghur Genocide
    Free Tibet
    Hong Kong Watch


    Our latest report reveals in stark detail how Hikvision and Dahua dominate the UK’s public sector CCTV networks.

    Based on thousands of Freedom of Information requests, our new report ‘Who's Watching You? The dominance of Chinese state-owned CCTV in the UK’ blows the lid off China’s growing surveillance presence in our country.

    These intrusive, advanced surveillance capabilities are being quietly normalised in the UK. That means not only is our privacy and security at risk in an increasingly dystopian surveillance state - but British taxpayers' money is funding companies implicated in genocide and modern slavery in China.

    Read the report by clicking here or on the image above


    The power to stop the UK from expanding into a greater surveillance state operated by oppressive tech lies in YOUR hands.

    We’ve launched a petition calling for a ban on the sale of Hikvision cameras in the UK. The British public should not be watched by advanced CCTV cameras involved in some of the greatest crimes against humanity of our time; nor should UK taxpayers be funding companies responsible for these technology-enabled human rights abuses. Take action!



    1. Tech-enabled human rights abuses

    Hikvision and Dahua provide the CCTV technology that guards concentration camps in Xinjiang, China and provide the backbone for the government-backed mass surveillance and persecution of broadly Muslim minorities.

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    Public records show they have signed co-operation agreements with local governments, developed racist AI-driven cameras that profile and flag Uyghurs to the authorities. The Beijing regime holds large stakes in both companies.

    These companies enable the atrocities in Xinjiang - and the same technology is being used by public and private bodies across the UK.

    Whilst the rest of the world is turning its back on these dangerous companies, UK taxpayers are funding them to build a surveillance state at home.

    2. Security risks

    Both companies have significant links to the Chinese government and have had significant security vulnerabilities exposed.

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    On multiple occasions high-risk flaws in both Dahua and Hikvision have been exposed that could have left thousands of CCTV cameras in the UK open to hackers. Cybersecurity experts across Europe and the US have warned of serious security risks with the cameras.

    Researchers in Italy found Hikvision cameras were sending unauthorised signals to servers, which were then traced back to China. Hikvision had no explanation for their cameras communicating with China.

    3. Dystopian surveillance state

    On most new Hikvision and Dahua cameras, “smart” features powered by algorithms and AI are sold as standard, from behavioural analysis to face and gender recognition.

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    High-tech cameras sell for less than £200 and are staring to make automated video surveillance a normal part of life in the UK.

    Pushing back against these companies introducing sci-fi surveillance features into everyday life is vital to defend our privacy, to roll back Britain’s CCTV state, and to stand in solidarity with China's ethnic minorities who face persecution and genocide.