Tell Co-op to stop using facial recognition technology in their supermarkets.


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UPDATE: We submitted a detailed legal complaint to the data rights watchdog, the Information Commissioner, about Co-op's use of live facial recognition. We believe their use of this invasive technology is unlawful - so we're calling on the Commissioner to investigate and stop this Orwellian surveillance of innocent shoppers.

Following this, the Information Commissioner’s Office announced it had launched an investigation into Facewatch. The investigation concluded in March 2023 and found that Facewatch’s policies had breached data protection law, vindicating our legal complaint. Read the full update here.

Co-op supermarkets have been secretly using live facial recognition cameras in 35 stores across the south of England — and they have no intention to stop. To our knowledge, this is the first supermarket in the UK to permanently install facial recognition.

Let's make it the last. This is a watershed moment for retail surveillance. It's vital we stop Co-op spying now, before other stores follow suit.

Tell Co-op to stop using
facial recognition

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Will you STOP spying on customers with live facial recognition cameras @TheSouthernCoop?

I will no longer shop at Co-op supermarkets if you continue to use this rights-abusive surveillance tech.