Mar 13th 2012

Caught on camera: the Olympic legacy

The Guardian has today reported on growing concerns over the effects that the 2012 Olympic Games security strategy will have on the UK.  Londoners have long anticipated a summer of visible, increased security – but what assurances are being made that the security will disappear when the athletes go home? Scanners, biometric ID cards, number-plate […]

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Nov 21st 2011

Computer says fly : No change on body scanners

Today’s statement by Transport Secretary Justine Greening contains lots of rhetoric about privacy. However, the implications of the statment are clear – the status quo remains. The policy means anyone departing from Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports will not be able to fly unless they agree to go through a clothing-penetrating body scanner, if requested. […]

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Nov 15th 2011

EU Commission Changing the Rules on Airport Body Scanners

Today, the European Commission is releasing new rules for the use of airport body scanners.  The rules are meant to give airline passengers more choices when it comes to submitting to airport security measures before flying. The new proposals ensure that images from body scanners are not stored or copied and that security staff monitoring […]

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Sep 5th 2011

Heathrow unveils trial of new “privacy friendly” bodyscanners

Regular visitors to the Big Brother Watch blog will be aware of our long-standing opposition to the forcible use of body scanners in British airports. In November we wrote to the British Airline Pilots’ Association about the Association’s policy on body scanners, given the boycott that had been announced by the Allied Pilots’ Association (the […]

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Jul 21st 2011

New TSA Body Scanning Software

After international discontent at the TSA’s very ‘personal’ body scanners appearing across the United States, TSA have announced that they have been piloting a new technology which would show far less revealing images to security personnel. A welcome change to the technology that has been in use, showing detailed images of the bodies of passengers […]

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