Jan 5th 2017

More Good Ideas about Protecting Personal Data Online

Growing Up Digital, a new report by the Children’s Commissioner for England, considers the issues young people face online and how to tackle them via a number of great recommendations. The key point picked up by the press is the need to simplify the hugely complex terms and conditions policies which children have to sign-up […]

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Oct 11th 2016

Social Media Law: More Guidance but No Progress

To coincide with Hate Crime Awareness Week the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has published updated guidance on how to deal with cases which involve the use of social media. The laws which are used to tackle social media crime were also the subject of a Big Brother Watch report in February 2015. Careless Whispers outlined […]

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Jul 22nd 2016

Joint Committee on Human Rights sends the Counter Extremism Bill the way of the Dodo

The Counter Extremism Bill – the Bill to “prevent radicalisation, tackle extremism in all its forms and promote community integration” is to all intents and purposes extinct following a report by the Joint Committee on Human Rights. The Committee has concluded that because the Government can’t demonstrate why they need a new law they simply […]

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Jul 19th 2016

CJEU Advocate General opinion could rewrite IP Bill

Today the European Court of Justice Advocate General Saugmandsgaard ØE has published his opinion to the Tom Watson (and formerly David Davis) case regarding the lawfulness of DRIPA. This opinion pre-empts the final judgment which is due later in the year. The opinion makes for some interesting reading, particularly in light of the ongoing Investigatory […]

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May 17th 2016

Are Body Worn Cameras really useful?

Body Worn Cameras, it is claimed, are designed to improve behaviour.  Behaviour of both the public and police officers.  The use of the cameras we are told makes it less likely for members of the public to physically assault officers and for officers to use force in return. It’s something often repeated by experts in […]

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