Sep 3rd 2014

Briefing Note: Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures

In an address to Parliament on 1st September 2014, the Prime Minister announced a series of new measures to assist with combating terrorist threats. Included in this was the declaration that the Government would “introduce new powers to add” to the current system of Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (TPIMs). Specifically, it was mooted that […]

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Jun 17th 2011

Daniel Hamilton and Alex Deane: Control orders are an affront to justice

Daniel Hamilton and Alex Deane, the current and former Directors of Big Brother Watch, have today written an joint article for on the case for abolishing Control Orders and their replacement with effective alternative measures to fight terrorism. "Control orders are nothing new. They were first introduced in the United Kingdom six years ago […]

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May 11th 2011

One Year On: The Coalition and Civil Liberties

Big Brother Watch has today (11th May) released a research paper outlining the progress the Coalition Government has made on civil liberties issues during its first year in office. The paper concludes that, while real progress has been made, many of the Coalition's promises to roll back the power of the state remain unfulfilled. Click […]

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Jan 26th 2011

Control Orders lite

Many media outlets are reporting today that Home Secretary Theresa May has “reviewed” Control Orders. Certainly, they have been watered down and renamed. But, whilst any dilution of these oppressive and unjustifiable orders is to be welcomed, their continuation is completely wrong. The Orders, now replaced with "Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures", or – and […]

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