Dec 5th 2017

Review of security and intelligence services proposes using algorithms and increasing bulk personal datasets to catch terrorists

The Home Office has today published an independent review of how UK intelligence services dealt with information about the individuals responsible for a spate of terrorist attacks earlier this year. The report by the ex-Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, David Anderson QC, examines what MI5 and the National Counter Terrorism Police Headquarters knew about those […]

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Jun 21st 2017

Privacy, security, data protection and civil liberties in the Queen’s Speech

This morning the Queen outlined the Government’s plans for the next two years. The full text is available online here. A number of proposals relevant to privacy, security, data protection and the freedom of the internet were included. These fall under a number of headings. Digital Charter Data Protection Countering Extremism Counter Terrorism Arguably all […]

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Jul 22nd 2016

Joint Committee on Human Rights sends the Counter Extremism Bill the way of the Dodo

The Counter Extremism Bill – the Bill to “prevent radicalisation, tackle extremism in all its forms and promote community integration” is to all intents and purposes extinct following a report by the Joint Committee on Human Rights. The Committee has concluded that because the Government can’t demonstrate why they need a new law they simply […]

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May 23rd 2016

Counter-Extremism Bill: Leading civil liberties campaigners raise concerns with proposals

Big Brother Watch have joined with a range of civil liberties groups, campaigners, legal professionals, journalists and other leading figures to give a joint statement raising our concerns with the proposed Counter-Extremism Bill. The statement: We are a cross section of British society who believe in the necessity of keeping our nation safe and secure. To […]

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