Feb 10th 2017

The Government’s Digital Transformation Strategy: putting the cart before the horse.

The Government has finally published its digital strategy. The Government Transformation Strategy sets out some shiny plans for “how the government will harness digital technologies, skills and tools to transform public services and put the citizen first.” The Ministerial foreword highlights some interesting realisations that “citizens feel that they live at the convenience of the […]

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Feb 3rd 2017

PAC Report is cause for yet more data sharing concerns

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has today released a scathing report, hitting out at the Government’s poor approach to protecting our personal information. The overriding concern given by the report is one of confusion across Government. This would be worrying at any time, but with the Digital Economy Bill currently being debated in the House […]

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Jan 12th 2017

Update on the Government’s Custody Image Review

Back in February 2015 it was revealed that over 18 million custody images had been uploaded to a searchable police database. It is thought that many of these images were of innocent people. It was done without informing either the Biometrics Commissioner or the Home Office. The scheme was the subject of widespread criticism from […]

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Jul 12th 2016

Not quite the very best: Pokemon Go causes a whirlwind of privacy issues

The last few days have seen the rapid takeover of the internet by augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. The game allows players to roam the world, capturing and training virtual Pokémon (the fictional creatures of the enormously successful Pokémon franchise). However since its release last week security concerns around the app’s permission requests and use […]

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May 27th 2016

Biometrics Commissioner finds yet more problems

The Biometrics Commissioner yesterday published a follow up to his annual report, it can be read here. In summary it revealed a litany of extremely serious errors in the retention and deletion of DNA profiles by the Metropolitan Police and forensic services organisations tasked with holding the data; including a series of profound failings of […]

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