Mar 21st 2017

Lords Committee recommend greater privacy safeguards for children

In a wide ranging report on the online experience of young people the House of Lords’ Communications Committee has raised concern about the privacy of children. Alongside other proposals, the report puts forward a number of common-sense recommendations about how the data of young people can be protected online. The Committee calls on organisations that […]

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Feb 10th 2017

The Government’s Digital Transformation Strategy: putting the cart before the horse.

The Government has finally published its digital strategy. The Government Transformation Strategy sets out some shiny plans for “how the government will harness digital technologies, skills and tools to transform public services and put the citizen first.” The Ministerial foreword highlights some interesting realisations that “citizens feel that they live at the convenience of the […]

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Jan 5th 2017

More Good Ideas about Protecting Personal Data Online

Growing Up Digital, a new report by the Children’s Commissioner for England, considers the issues young people face online and how to tackle them via a number of great recommendations. The key point picked up by the press is the need to simplify the hugely complex terms and conditions policies which children have to sign-up […]

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Dec 13th 2016

The Digital Economy Bill and GDPR debated in parliament

Last night in the House of Commons Labour MP Daniel Zeichner led a fascinating short adjournment debate on EU Data Protection Rules, in particular how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be implemented into UK law by May 2018. For those of you who have been following our Digital Economy Bill campaign regarding data […]

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Dec 7th 2016

Uber now tracks you even after you’ve left the car

You may have seen that the press are reporting Uber are now tracking app users’ locations even after the journey is over and the app is no longer active. The hire-a-ride company now records a person’s location for up to five minutes after they have been dropped off. The firm claims it is so they can see where people go just […]

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