Oct 31st 2017

Home Office not listening to Ethics Group on Custody Images and Facial Biometrics

Yesterday the Ethics Group of the National DNA Database Ethics Group* (NDNAD) published their annual report. The report was brief and to the point.  It updated the public on the Government’s use of biometric data, namely fingerprints, DNA and now facial biometrics, and outlined where the Government are at with addressing the recommendations the NDNAD […]

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May 27th 2016

Biometrics Commissioner finds yet more problems

The Biometrics Commissioner yesterday published a follow up to his annual report, it can be read here. In summary it revealed a litany of extremely serious errors in the retention and deletion of DNA profiles by the Metropolitan Police and forensic services organisations tasked with holding the data; including a series of profound failings of […]

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Nov 14th 2014

EU DNA Database Back on the Agenda

Following Monday night’s confused debate on EU Justice and Home Affairs powers it has been revealed that the Government is embarking upon a scheme that would give European states limited access to the UK DNA database and potentially pave the way to a linking of the UK and EU databases. This is a worrying development, […]

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Jul 7th 2014

What could possibly go wrong with an EU-wide DNA database?

Over the weekend you may have read about the Government’s plans for more policing powers to be transferred over to the EU, including the prospect of the UK joining a Europe-wide DNA database. Considering a debate is planned for Thursday on the current set of Justice and Home Affairs opt-outs, these plans seem absurdly premature. […]

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Jan 9th 2013

The Prum Treaty: a disaster waiting to happen’?

The Prüm Treaty may yet be implemented in the UK as a report shows that the European Commission plans to force the UK to allow other member states access to personal details of every motorist in Britain as well as access to the national DNA database and fingerprint records. The Home Secretary has indicated that […]

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