Jun 14th 2017

The French-British action plan on internet security is likely to make us less, not more safe

Earlier this afternoon the Home Office published a French-British Action Plan on its website. You can read it here The “action plan” agreed by Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron outlines 4 steps for an “initiative to ensure the internet cannot be used as a safe space for terrorists and criminals”. Whilst […]

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May 25th 2017

1 year countdown to GDPR begins today

A year today the UK’s Data Protection Act will cease to be. On May 25th 2018 the biggest change to our data protection law in 20 years will kick in.  The General Data Protection Regulation, better known by its acronym GDPR will be its replacement. The GDPR will expand and extend the current data protection requirements for anyone processing personal data […]

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Dec 21st 2016

CJEU judgment says UK Government’s bulk retention of our communications data is illegal

The Court of Justice of the European Union today published the final judgment in relation to the Tom Watson MP (and formerly David Davis MP) case regarding the lawfulness of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA). The court has ruled that: Communications data (the who, when, what and where of our telephone and […]

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Oct 20th 2016

Dynamic IP addresses declared a type of private data

Yesterday saw an important judgement by the European Court of Justice that declared dynamic IP addresses should be classed as personal data in the same manner as static IP addresses. The judgement was the result of a case brought to the ECJ by a member of Germany’s Pirate Party, opposing how the government websites he was doing […]

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Jul 19th 2016

CJEU Advocate General opinion could rewrite IP Bill

Today the European Court of Justice Advocate General Saugmandsgaard ØE has published his opinion to the Tom Watson (and formerly David Davis) case regarding the lawfulness of DRIPA. This opinion pre-empts the final judgment which is due later in the year. The opinion makes for some interesting reading, particularly in light of the ongoing Investigatory […]

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