Jun 21st 2017

Privacy, security, data protection and civil liberties in the Queen’s Speech

This morning the Queen outlined the Government’s plans for the next two years. The full text is available online here. A number of proposals relevant to privacy, security, data protection and the freedom of the internet were included. These fall under a number of headings. Digital Charter Data Protection Countering Extremism Counter Terrorism Arguably all […]

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Aug 6th 2014

You do have the right to record council meetings

In a victory for transparency, the Government has announced that from today members of the public and journalists will be able to film and report on all public meetings held by local councils in England. The Openness of Local Government Regulations 2014, signed into law by the Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Secretary Eric Pickles, […]

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Jul 30th 2014

Problems of Social Media Law Dismissed

The legislation that governs the use of social media is “generally appropriate”, or so says a report from the House of Lords Communications Committee. This is despite the legislation being passed, almost without exception, before social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were launched. In its report the Committee found that social media law […]

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Jul 23rd 2014

Terror Watchdog Criticises Legislation

Journalists and publishers are at risk of being branded as terrorists, warns a report into the UK’s terrorism legislation. The report entitled The Terrorism Acts in 2013 was authored by Professor David Anderson QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation. It covered topics such as the use of stop and search powers by the police […]

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Mar 12th 2014

GCHQ: Enemy of the Internet?

A report, by Reporters without Borders, has accused GCHQ and the NSA of being no better than their Chinese and Russian counterparts in terms of online censorship and surveillance. The report entitled Enemies of the Internet is released to coincide with World Day Against Cyber-Censorship and comes on the same day that Sir Tim Berners-Lee […]

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